Overcritical historian. Educator by vocation. Self-taught programmer.

37619_411913449634_5866435_nI am a PhD Student at University of Sussex, UK, funded by the Sussex Humanities Lab. My main research areas are video games, history, epistemology, and identity. During my BA degree in History at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, I got interested in ancient history, epigraphy, assyriology, and philology, but what mostly caught my attention was historiography, and the different philosophical and theoretical approaches to history. My BA thesis, an overcritical analysis of Ancient Western Asia’s historiography, was the result of mixing all these different interests.

I began to explore several theoretical approaches thanks to the support of lecturers and friends, but soon enough, I recognised that in order to go further, a more interdisciplinary experience was required. First, I followed my vocation for teaching achieving an MA degree in Education at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, in an attempt to move outside the ‘Ivory Tower’ and test different theoretical approaches to history in the classroom. My next concern was set on how history is represented in cultural media and how we construct our understanding of the past through those depictions. I got a MA degree in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at University of Limerick, Ireland, focusing my MA Thesis on the representation of Eurocentric discourses in historical themed video games, and applying Critical Discourse Analysis and Comparative Studies as methodologies.

6431707733_aa5039aa08_oCurrently, for my PhD, I am looking at video games from a more performative stance, wondering about the capabilities of the medium to explore history in new and meaningful ways. In this sense, I am particularly interested in the role of identity in the construction of the past, and the conceptualization of history and historical memory. I situate myself within the theoretical framework of poststructuralism, postcolonialism, and queer theory.

These motivations and interests are also reflected in some of the creative projects I have outside academia. As my goal is to analyse video games, I have been learning some basic knowledge for design and programming, and consequently, I am currently working on several projects where I attempt to explore academic debates and theoretical concepts through virtual worlds. Obviously I am also a gamer, and I host a YouTube and a Twitch channel where from time to time I play and share different games.

I always enjoy meeting new people and sharing ideas, so if you are interested in some of my projects and works, feel free to get in touch!