Academic Works


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  • Play / Make / Research : Video Games and Academia. Brighton (UK), June, 2017


Talk: “Exploring video games’ potential for creating subversive histories

  • The Interactive Past Conference Online. May, 2017

Talk: “Can video games deconstruct history?

  • I Jornada de Estudio del Videojuego Histórico. Madrid (Spain), May, 2017

Talk: “Explorando el potencial del videojuego para deconstruir la historia

  • The Haunted Random Forest Festival: Finding Human Ghosts in Algorithms. Brighton (UK), April, 2017


Installation: “Can Machines Learn History?

  • DiGRA/FDG Workshop on Playing with history: Games, antiquity and history. Dundee (Scotland), August, 2016

Talk: “Playing with History’s Otherness: A Framework for Exploring Historical Games

  • Different Games Conference. New York (USA), April, 2016

Talk: “Engaging with Ideology: Towards non-Eurocentric Historical Themed Video Games

  • Challenge the Past/Diversify the Future. Gothenburg (Sweden), March, 2015

Talk: “>Historical Engagement as a Male Privilege in ‘Valiant Hearts: The Great War’