Video Games

As a self-taught programmer, video games have become the most interesting media for me to explore. I am immersed in several individual projects in which I attempt to explore academic debates and concepts through the tools that this medium offers. Check my profile at if you want to see more.



What does it mean to feel depressed? Is it an inexplicable force that controls you? Or a constant anxiety towards an unclear future? This game is a little experiment on how emotions can be translated to game mechanics and design. Across 11 short levels players are invited to engage with different interpretations of what depression means, using a … Continue reading Depression

The Dictator’s Visit

“The Dictator’s Visit” is an exploratory video game about historical memory. Three different contexts or memories clash in it: The colonization, the totalitarian dictatorships of the twentieth century, and the difficulties of present days refugees. What happens when different memories from various events and contexts are confined to the same space? Do they compete to embrace the uniqueness of the collective … Continue reading The Dictator’s Visit