The Dictator’s Visit

“The Dictator’s Visit” is an exploratory video game about historical memory. Three different contexts or memories clash in it: The colonization, the totalitarian dictatorships of the twentieth century, and the difficulties of present days refugees. What happens when different memories from various events and contexts are confined to the same space? Do they compete to embrace the uniqueness of the collective memory? Do they support each other redefining our understanding of the past?

This brief and small game allows you to explore this encounter of memories and brings further historical reflections on how to observe and interact with the past, how the collective memory is configured, and what kind of responsibilities do we hold with our common history and our common present.

You can download the game from my page at following this link.

You can also find more details about the game and my attempt to explore this concepts by clicking on the link bellow:

The Dictator’s Visit – Manuel Alejandro Cruz Martínez